Recently, a good customer came into the store to ship a box he purchased, several years ago, at flea market.  The box contained about 20 military medals of a paratrooper earned during the Viet Nam War.

The customer, a retired law enforcement officer, had during the last several years attempted to find the recipient, reaching dead ends each time.  Continued networking via various Veteran organizations, the investigator was able to find out the town where this quiet hero now resides.  Reaching out to a local veteran, also a law enforcement officer, this gentleman went to the home and told the man about the box.  The quiet hero was stunned and so very pleased that the medals had been found.  He was also delighted to learn that he would be receiving them soon.

We sent the box on Friday and received word that the medals arrived on Monday.  It was a very happy day for all of us!  And we are thankful that this quiet hero’s medals are home.