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Harvey, and not the rabbit….

Here we are, Harvey Day 2. Saturday, August 26, 2017 As with all Hurricanes, better safe than sorry. You get prepared and wait. Being prepared also means a trip to the library for a couple of good books, in case I can’t get there for a couple of weeks. Every potential...

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Private Mail Service: More that Just Mail

A Business is more than printing a business card. You have an idea and you want to make it a business.  Great!   Yes, you need a name that characterizes the product or service; yes, you need a business card and website. Also necessary is a DBA (Doing Business As)...

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Registered Agent for Small Corporations

Nasa Postal provides Registered Agent Services to Corporations and LLC’s as a part of our mail service to our small business box holders.  As a Registered Agent, we are the contact for the Secretary of State for your business. The best example of how important this...

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