The US Postal Service regulates the Private Mail Service.  To open a Private Mail Service mailbox, the USPS requires that the applicant have two current documents, as listed below:

  • Government Issued Photo Identification with Address
  • Armed Forces, Government, University or recognized Corporate Photo Identification Card,
  • Passport, Alien Registration card, Certificate of Naturalization,
  • Voter or Vehicle Registration Card,
  • Home or Vehicle Insurance Policy.

A Social Security Card is NOT an acceptable document.  Sad but true.  Customers push back on that.  However, the Social Security Card does not have a photo or an address, not meeting the Government Issued Photo Identification with Address requirement.
The requirements are to establish identification as well as residency.  This makes it more difficult for someone to open mail service fraudulently.
The US Postal Service makes the rules; we just comply.

We have two sizes of mailboxes and additional levels of service depending upon your needs.  Come by and we will show you.