Here we are, Harvey Day 2. Saturday, August 26, 2017

As with all Hurricanes, better safe than sorry. You get prepared and wait. Being prepared also means a trip to the library for a couple of good books, in case I can’t get there for a couple of weeks.

Every potential event, you add to your kit. This year I picked up a cool flashlight.

So, this morning, in between the rain bands, Nova and I ventured out and drove to the store. Yeah! Half Price Books was opening and of course the liquor store. I opened the store and did my chores. The water barrier was holding at the back door, which was a good thing.

As it got closer to closing time, I looked out and saw that Half Price Books had closed, the barber shop never opened and the liquor store was the only store with any trade.

And of course, the mail never showed up either….. in rain or sleet or snow…. Was back in Ben Franklin’s day.

We shall see about Monday, if Harvey decides to sit and visit here…. If so, and I can manage to venture out of Nassau Bay, I will be here to open up. Since I cannot walk on water and Nova can’t swim…… enjoy!