In-Store Services

Nasa Postal offers a variety of other services that can be done right here in our store. These services are faxing, scanning & printing and even shredding. We also have a variety of boxes and some small gifts. Come and see us.


  • Send faxes to US and International locations.
  • Receive faxes on your behalf for a nominal fee.


Scanning & Printing

We will scan your paper items and…

  • attach to email
  • save to your portable storage device
  • print from your portable storage device
  • and we can print from your email



We will scan your paper items and cross-cut, HIPPA compliant shredding service, as well as provide you with a Destruction Certificate.

Your personal information is valuable.   A Shredding resource is necessary to prevent identity theft.  Trusting your shredding service is as important as trusting your accountant.  At Nasa Postal, the cross-cut shredder renders your personal information into unusable paper pulp. 

Got staples? No worries — our shredder will eat them.

We charge by the pound.
​Mailbox holders always receive half price.


Put Your Photos on DVD!

NASA Postal can put your photos on DVD! What a great way to save these precious memories. Share them via email, Face Book, print them any time – at any size. And, they are protected against the elements of humidity, age, wind, fire or water damage. Keep a copy in your safety deposit box or somewhere offsite.