Mail Valet, Digitized Mail

Nasa Postal offers an affordable way to get your mail delivered to you safely, securely and timely while you are traveling or working out of town. Learn more about this amazing option for your mail services.

Digitized Mail Valet with Mailien™

If you travel, an Expat or just want the freedom of not having mail sent to your home address and the ability to read it at your leisure or on the go, digitized mail with Mailien™ is your mail valet.

Mailien™ Features

  • Select the frequency of delivery service: weekly, monthly or bi-monthly.
  • 24-hour access: You have the key
  • Select the level of scanning: first class only, first and second class or all mail.
  • Decide what mail to forward, what to store, and what to shred.
    (Shredding is cross-cut HIPPA compliant. A small fee may apply for volumes in excess of 1#.)
  • Access your mail online with your valid email address.


Mailien™ Subscription Rates

  • Basic Monthly Fee: $24.00 for a virtual mail box. Mail that is sent to a physical address is sent via Priority Mail, with Delivery Confirmation Tracking and a $2.00 forwarding fee
  • Up to 10 pieces of mail each week or 40 pieces per month are included in the basic monthly fee. Additional charges of $.25 per piece in excess of the basic 10/week or 40/month.
  • Services are billed in a minimum of 6 month increments.
  • Services paid in one annual payment will receive one month of free service.

Mailien™ Customer Requirements

A USPS Form 1583 must be completed, which authorizes NASA Postal to receive mail on your behalf. This form requires two forms of identification: a photo identification issued by a government agency and if a second ID form is not available, a copy of a vehicle or home insurance card, or copy of a residential / apartment lease satisfies the USPS requirement. The latter two items establish a residence.

If the applicant is unable to come into the store, a Form 1583, which we can email to you, can be completed in the presence of a Notary Public. NASA Postal offers mobile notary services. Call for details.

Each virtual mail box is limited to three household members. If one of the recipients is a business, a DBA or Articles of Incorporation are also required.