Official Texas Notary Public

Nasa Postal offers Notary Public services to all of our clients and any of those who come into our store. We are available during store hours or after hours or mobile notary with an appointment or special arrangement.

Public Services

Nasa Postal Notary Public services are provided during business hours and after hours by special arrangements. Traveling or Mobile Notary services are also available. Please call us to see how we may best serve your requirements.

Staff are Licensed Notary Public for the State of Texas, Harris County.

A Texas Notary Public is authorized to:

  • Take acknowledgements;
  • Administer oaths and affirmations;
  • Take Depositions;
  • Certify copies of documents not recordable in the public records;
  • Protest instruments

Registered Agent

Nassau Postal may receive any process, notice or demand that is served on a Texas corporation subscribing to our Registered Agent service. Rates vary and provided upon request.

According to the Texas Secretary of State’s Office:

“The primary duty of a Notary Public is to show a disinterested party (the Notary Public) has admonished the signer of an instrument as to the importance of such document, and the signer of such document has declared that his/her identity, his/her signature and his/her reasons for signing such instrument are genuine. The signature and seal of a Notary Public do not prove these facts conclusively, but do provide prima facie proof of them, and allow persons in trade and commerce to rely upon the truth and veracity of the Notary Public as a third party who has no personal interest in the transaction.”