We get calls about this:  Customer orders a high value item and it requires a signature for delivery.  Customer works all day and when UPS tries to deliver, there is no one home to sign for the delivery.  And as silly as this sounds, I do not have every UPS drivers cell phone number.  When I give the caller the UPS 800 delivery phone number, the caller has already tried it unsuccessfully.  To further complicate the matter, the caller is at work and cannot leave a note on the door for the delivery person to re-route the package.  At this point in the conversation, I don’t have any resources available to them other than going on the UPS website and track the package option.

If the caller had a Private Mail Box with us, this would never be a problem.  We are happy to sign for your packages and keep them securely until you can pick up.  Mail / Package service is an essential service everyone needs, just like your hairdresser, housekeeping service, doctor or lawyer.
Isn’t it about your time, convenience and security?