A Business is more than printing a business card.

You have an idea and you want to make it a business.  Great!   Yes, you need a name that characterizes the product or service; yes, you need a business card and website.

Also necessary is a DBA (Doing Business As) registration with the county, and if you are selling a product, getting a Sales Tax Number from the state.   And before you obtain either of these, get a private mail box that has a street address.  Here is why.  Obtaining a DBA and Sales Tax number require a street address, and unless you are willing to have your residence listed as public information where customers or sales people may arrive at any time, a private mail box will mask your residence.

Protecting your residence information may seem like a small risk during the excitement of starting a new venture, however once it becomes public information, it cannot be removed.

The US Postal Service prohibits the confirmation of a mailbox owners name unless there is a court order.   So some party, allegedly injured, will have to go to a lot of trouble to obtain a court order for confirmation of the owners’ name.

​Think long game, get a private mail box before you make public your identity.