Nasa Postal provides Registered Agent Services to Corporations and LLC’s as a part of our mail service to our small business box holders.  As a Registered Agent, we are the contact for the Secretary of State for your business.

The best example of how important this service is:  A disgruntled client believes that something adverse has occurred, and decides to bring a cause of action against you.  To provide notice of this action, a process server knocks on your door and attempts delivery or a certified letter is sent to your “official  address”.  And while you believe it is a frivolous action, you ignore both the certified letter and the process server.

What happens next is very important.  The disgruntled client can now serve the Secretary of State, on your behalf, and request the judge find in their favor for the original amount of the their suit plus attorney fees and all other expenses.  The judge may now rule in their favor and award a judgement against you.  You have just created a more expensive problem.

As your Registered Agent, we can be served on your behalf and avoid the embarrassment of being served at home, witnessed by family and neighbors.