We all know that old bank or credit card statements, placed in the trash are available to anyone with ulterior motives.  As precaution, it makes sense to have these documents shredded.   Particularly when you are the executor of a loved one’s estate or you have to downsize, and time is of the essence to move out or empty a dwelling.

Recently, a customer brought in boxes of paper for shredding.  I have learned that a second pair of eyes can be helpful for our customer responsible for shredding.   We open envelopes to make sure there are no metal objects that can damage the shredder.  And we find interesting surprises.

Uncirculated currency, poetry, jewelry are just some it the items.  The value is either monetary or intrinsic. We return these to the customer so a conscious decision may be made under more favorable circumstances.

This is just another way we take care of our customer.