I was a business major, worked in Corporate Finance for many years and thought that I had a pretty good handle on how to run a small business.    I was wrong.   Conceptually ok, perhaps, I just underestimated the magnitude of energy.   Business school doesn’t really teach you how to start a small business; they teach you to have a business/ marketing plan.   And you really do need those.  Starting a business is more than a good idea, business cards and a website.   Your government is also your partner, whether you invited them or not!

Here is what I learned.  Starting a small business is you.  Organize as a Sole Proprietorship before you become an LLC or Incorporated; get a DBA from the county;  sales tax number from the State Comptroller.  And before you do any of that, get a Private Mail Box from Nasa Postal.  My street address allows you to keep your home address from becoming Public Information.  Then when you obtain the DBA, Sale Tax number, EIN….. all those tasks that are required to become a “real business entity”.    When I changed to an LLC, the change became public information and every credit card processor hounded me for weeks until I was able to remove my public listing.  What a pain!
Furthermore, you want to focus all your energy on generating business revenue and not worry about back office logistics and administration.  Nasa Postal can sign on your behalf should you receive certified or restricted deliveries.  My system notifies you via email or text when those arrive.

You may also use your service here as a drop box, should you want to leave something for a customer pickup or if the customer wants to drop off something for you.  And if you cannot pick items up during office hours, just call and we have a special place where you will have access after hours.

Starting a new business is a daunting task.  Let us help you.  Just call today.
My security system, Nova!