A lot of new customers come to us via Google for Notary services.  At Nasa Postal, we always have a Notary available.   Notaries authenticate the signer’s identity.  Texas law limits the scope of services.

Texas also restricts the identity documents that may be used to validate identity.  These are:

  • Current, valid State issued Driver’s  or Non-Driver’s ID card
  • US Passport, current
  • US Military ID, current
  • ID’s and resident alien ID’s or “green cards” issued by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services
  • ID’s should contain: a physical description – hair color, eye color and signature of bearer

Texas Notary may not accept a Foreign Passport for identity purposes other than for the purchase/sale of residential real estate.
A Texas Notary may not notarize a public record or publicly recordable document , or copy of:

  • Birth or Death Certificates
  • Marriage or Divorce decrees
  • Deeds, Mortgages or other Real Estate, copies of
  • Probated Wills
  • Official School Records or Transcripts
  • Immigration Papers / Foreign Passports
  • Military Records
  • Texas Drivers License

While we appreciate the trust our customers place in our service,  Nasa Postal complies with Texas Statutes for notary services.