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I recently found a resource for fresh Pecans, so I ordered them.  The box arrived yesterday and when I opened it, the soft fragrance of pecans wafted up and enveloped me is a sense of nostalgia for homemade pralines and pecan pie.  I have packed them in 1# bags and am selling them for $12.    I cant wait to make some pies and pralines………..

Starting a New Business

I was a business major, worked in Corporate Finance for many years and thought that I had a pretty good handle on how to run a small business.    I was wrong.   Conceptually ok, perhaps, I just underestimated the magnitude of energy.   Business school doesn’t really teach you how to start a small business; they teach you to have a business/ marketing plan.   And you really do need those.  Starting a business is more than a good idea, business cards and a website.   Your government is also your partner, whether you invited them or not!

Here is what I learned.  Starting a small business is you.  Organize as a Sole Proprietorship before you become an LLC or Incorporated; get a DBA from the county;  sales tax number from the State Comptroller.  And before you do any of that, get a Private Mail Box from Nasa Postal.  My street address allows you to keep your home address from becoming Public Information.  Then when you obtain the DBA, Sale Tax number, EIN….. all those tasks that are required to become a “real business entity”.    When I changed to an LLC, the change became public information and every credit card processor hounded me for weeks until I was able to remove my public listing.  What a pain!
Furthermore, you want to focus all your energy on generating business revenue and not worry about back office logistics and administration.  Nasa Postal can sign on your behalf should you receive certified or restricted deliveries.  My system notifies you via email or text when those arrive.

You may also use your service here as a drop box, should you want to leave something for a customer pickup or if the customer wants to drop off something for you.  And if you cannot pick items up during office hours, just call and we have a special place where you will have access after hours.

Starting a new business is a daunting task.  Let us help you.  Just call today.
My security system, Nova!

A Good Deed

Recently, a good customer came into the store to ship a box he purchased, several years ago, at flea market.  The box contained about 20 military medals of a paratrooper earned during the Viet Nam War.

The customer, a retired law enforcement officer, had during the last several years attempted to find the recipient, reaching dead ends each time.  Continued networking via various Veteran organizations, the investigator was able to find out the town where this quiet hero now resides.  Reaching out to a local veteran, also a law enforcement officer, this gentleman went to the home and told the man about the box.  The quiet hero was stunned and so very pleased that the medals had been found.  He was also delighted to learn that he would be receiving them soon.

We sent the box on Friday and received word that the medals arrived on Monday.  It was a very happy day for all of us!  And we are thankful that this quiet hero’s medals are home.

Car Coasters

At market recently, I found this little product that is ingenious.  It is an absorbent material that fits your car’s cup holder.  So when your bottle water condenses, the moisture won’t rust your pennies.  What adds to the utility is the picture of your favorite dog or cat breed.  This makes a great little gift for the pet lover. I have 88 breeds represented at $3.99 each.  A thoughtful little something to give.

Shipping to Foreign Countries

Earlier this week, a lady came in and inquired about shipping a laptop to an African country. I suggested that she also investigate the postal system in the country and customs or duty on an electronic device as some countries require an internal ministry / office to authorize the import of that item. Sadly, some counties, in all areas of the globe, make the receiver jump through hoops to receive the item, charging onerous duties, taxes and copies of visas or other documents exhausting the receiver who just gives up and abandons the item. Published rules are subject to change without notice.

Many times, we suggest that the sender just wire the money and let the receiver purchase the item locally. We also sometimes suggest that the sender visit the country and take the item as a personal possession leaving it with the host upon their departure.

The beauty of going to visit a friend in a remote country has many benefits: you spend time with someone you care about; you get to see firsthand how they live and work; you have a chance to see the local artist produce their craft and when you purchase that piece of art, you are giving money to the producer who then buys food and medicine for their family. And when you return, you have firsthand stories of your trip, your experience and the local craft. Travel is a wonderful way to share and build bridges. It deepens our understanding and compassion of the world.

While some shipments go smoothly, many times the well-intended gift gets lost or arrives with some items missing. It is beyond our control or ability to mitigate. Ship carefully and cautiously.

Texas Notary Service

A lot of new customers come to us via Google for Notary services.  At Nasa Postal, we always have a Notary available.   Notaries authenticate the signer’s identity.  Texas law limits the scope of services.

Texas also restricts the identity documents that may be used to validate identity.  These are:

  • Current, valid State issued Driver’s  or Non-Driver’s ID card
  • US Passport, current
  • US Military ID, current
  • ID’s and resident alien ID’s or “green cards” issued by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services
  • ID’s should contain: a physical description – hair color, eye color and signature of bearer

Texas Notary may not accept a Foreign Passport for identity purposes other than for the purchase/sale of residential real estate.
A Texas Notary may not notarize a public record or publicly recordable document , or copy of:

  • Birth or Death Certificates
  • Marriage or Divorce decrees
  • Deeds, Mortgages or other Real Estate, copies of
  • Probated Wills
  • Official School Records or Transcripts
  • Immigration Papers / Foreign Passports
  • Military Records
  • Texas Drivers License

While we appreciate the trust our customers place in our service,  Nasa Postal complies with Texas Statutes for notary services.

During Harvey

I realized that I have stored old, old family photos which date back to the late 1800’s in a box, in the hall closet. With so many homes around me damaged during Harvey, I could have lost all that family history. Knowing that I have a resource to have these scanned to dvd and then upload to the cloud, makes me think I am no so smart. Should those photographs been damaged, restoration costs would have been prohibitive. Our service cost $80 for the first 50 scanned photos and $.79 for each after that. Think I’ll do 50 photos each month. This will keep the legacy alive or at least for another generation.

Harvey, and not the rabbit….

Here we are, Harvey Day 2. Saturday, August 26, 2017

As with all Hurricanes, better safe than sorry. You get prepared and wait. Being prepared also means a trip to the library for a couple of good books, in case I can’t get there for a couple of weeks.

Every potential event, you add to your kit. This year I picked up a cool flashlight.

So, this morning, in between the rain bands, Nova and I ventured out and drove to the store. Yeah! Half Price Books was opening and of course the liquor store. I opened the store and did my chores. The water barrier was holding at the back door, which was a good thing.

As it got closer to closing time, I looked out and saw that Half Price Books had closed, the barber shop never opened and the liquor store was the only store with any trade.

And of course, the mail never showed up either….. in rain or sleet or snow…. Was back in Ben Franklin’s day.

We shall see about Monday, if Harvey decides to sit and visit here…. If so, and I can manage to venture out of Nassau Bay, I will be here to open up. Since I cannot walk on water and Nova can’t swim…… enjoy!

Private Mail Service: More that Just Mail

A Business is more than printing a business card.

You have an idea and you want to make it a business.  Great!   Yes, you need a name that characterizes the product or service; yes, you need a business card and website.

Also necessary is a DBA (Doing Business As) registration with the county, and if you are selling a product, getting a Sales Tax Number from the state.   And before you obtain either of these, get a private mail box that has a street address.  Here is why.  Obtaining a DBA and Sales Tax number require a street address, and unless you are willing to have your residence listed as public information where customers or sales people may arrive at any time, a private mail box will mask your residence.

Protecting your residence information may seem like a small risk during the excitement of starting a new venture, however once it becomes public information, it cannot be removed.

The US Postal Service prohibits the confirmation of a mailbox owners name unless there is a court order.   So some party, allegedly injured, will have to go to a lot of trouble to obtain a court order for confirmation of the owners’ name.

​Think long game, get a private mail box before you make public your identity.